I made my semesterly run up to campus today and into Brady Commons.  There are times that I miss the walking between classes and such (at Augie, campus wasn’t much bigger that walking from Brady to Jesse, so much better there)…not when it’s cold.  Then to hell with that.  Granted, in the winter I don’t see much of the sun, and in the summer time I miss out on great weather.  Perhaps in four years when I’m teaching and get a “summer break” again I start getting color back in the skin.  Mostly cancer, but some color.

Anyways, what’s the deal with getting dressed up for class.  Or, the lack of getting dressed.  Seeing 65% of the female students walking around in sweatpants and Uggs makes me cringe…not for the lack of options, but for the fact it’s rather silly looking.  Sure, the Aussie’s are glad we buy their silly boots, so they don’t have too, but really…with sweatpants?  Suck it up and put on jeans.

Finally, a word about this economy (well, maybe a few).  Yes, we’re in a recession, and yes, I don’t have to worry about it (cause folk always need power).  But in reading something from Bill O’Reily (yeah, sometimes he’s got a point that’s keeping), the populous really did itself in on this one. Sure, as the AP reported, the government may have let the banks run away with this. Still, there’s some personal responsibility to be had. You (in general) needed that new Blue-Ray, or that trip to Mexico…you had to have the five bedroom house when you’ve only got 2 kids. It’s really unfortunate that this kind of panic needs to occur before people wise up…so follow Bill’s advice…save. Maybe not to the extreme he’s talking about….it’s still important to spend money. And though it may seem classy to only go the local place, anywhere is fine. They still employ local folk, and more importantly, pay local taxes. So eat where ever. Just do it. But buy ethanol…cause Dad needs to retire soon.