Much has occured since we last spoke.  I gotten a house, dog, PhD, and wife, in that order.  And, since my credit seems to have survived this wave of uncertainty and doom, I’m doing much better than that “” jackass.  So now I toil away in wedded bliss, into the holiday season.  Tomorrow I’m off to the frozen north to hit up my parents.  Last weekend was Indiana and Kati’s family.  As her Mom’s kin actually had multiple children, I’ve gotten myself a score or more of new cousins, of various ages (38ish down to 6ish). Because of this, I’ve been informed that Twilight is the single greatest movie of all time. WOW…I told her to check out Patton. Not that she would enjoy it, but I reckon it’s a better film. Yep, I’m a jerk….