So, yet again, I've lied…I didn't keep up with my writing.   One thing is that I can never seem to remember how to get the site that allows me to right.  But, I've told ROOMIE PRIME about it, so maybe I can get the old format back.  However, it's been a busy three months.  Working on this manuscript has been hell.  Wanted to get it done by Christmas, and the end of this month may be pushing it.  Luckly, I'm told that the second paper is easier than the first.  Also, had the big annual APS meeting in April, so that kept me busy trying to get everything set up for that.  

 Also, I've decided to keep a private journal as well.  Though I still don't write as often as I should, I think it's important to have.  One always here's on the History/Biography Channel about so and so writing in his private journal, which then gets used to describe them.  Well, since I'm going to be uber famous some day, I figured I needed to start writing.  Also, it's going to be easier to write that pivital autobiography with this.