OK, so here’s something I haven’t complained about (no, seriously).  So, this past weekend, I headed up to Chi-town to pick up Kati and see the kin.  Well, tooth started hurting.  Ya see, I only have the two “wisdom” teeth on the top.  The one on the right has been fine, but the one on the left did grow out right….so it would hurt every now and then.  This past weekend…god did it hurt.  To the point that Monday, I was damn near in tears during dinner.  So, I says to myself….screw this noise, she’s coming out.  Now, one of the great aspects of grad school is the lack of dental insurance.  So, no matter what I do, I’m gonna be out a bit of Lettuce.  Nevertheless, I call up STERLING DENTAL CARE and see if they can do anything for me.  I think I called them cause of their neat commercial.  But, I went in thinking the Doc would take a look and tell me to come back….nope.  He takes a look, numbs me up, and tears’em out.  Both….so, now i’m sorta pain free (that whole there’s two holes in my mouth aside) and $553 poorer.  I can dig it…Can you?