Final entry…made it home alive…but oh so tired. First, the good stuff. Sunday went to Mass at the Cathedral down town. Real pretty place…paintings of various Saints behind the alter, two organs, decent pews. The bishop didn’t preside (the rector did), and since it was the rector’s last mass, the homily was short. In all, a neat place. The neigherborhood was interesting. There was the Cathedral and Cathedral school, a HUGE Episcipal (sp?) church, and a massive synagoge with community center. With some nice apts. and houses…wouldn’t be a bad place to live. After mass and a baseball game, went out the Columbia River Gorge NSA. Oh, so pretty…mountains on both sides, great water falls (check out Multnomah Falls…if you can find parking, it’s something to see). Hit up a McMenamins Edgefied. McMenamins is a local brew pud, and the Edgefield site is a brewery, winery, movie theater, resturant, and hotel. Housed in a poor-farm (yep…if you were poor, out of a job, or just bored, you could go there and work and be hot), it’s a really neat place to go. I think there was two wedding receptions while we were there….

So, on to Monday….got out of the hotel at 11 (normal time), and got the car back…then had to sit…wasn’t much that we could do. Portland’s airport isn’t all that exciting (who’s is), so got some food and sat….then the long plane flight. I think I was lucky in that we had an open seat in our row, so I got to stretch out a bit. Of course, with the way of the airline industry, we flew to DALLAS(?!?!?), then to StL. And, we had to wait for an extra half hour for the shuttle to the parking lot cause the driver had her head up her ass. So we got home at 2 am…I hate people sometimes.

From this trip, I have decided that Portland International Airport has the nicest workers….I went through the “Air Puffing” detector at security, told the TSA person after I went through it that it was “damn weird” and she agreed with me instead of telling me to “move along” or shooting me. Also, I’ve found that 40% of the women in Portland are pregnant….seriously, they’re all nocked up. Also, getting stuck in traffic down there may be the most tree-filled area you’re going to…enjoy it

Fireworks yesterday were cool, but to low….add some more gun-powered, baby!!!