Update 2…so the weather here isn’t what it’s suppose to be. Friday, for instance, the high was 90ish….the normal was 75. Yep…suck. But, Friday checked out Oregon St. University. Nice place…lots of engineering buildings. The campus is pretty, with really old trees everywhere. Dorms funny (to me), in that there’s no AC in all of them. But, when it rains nearly everyday from Oct. to April, I reckon that AC isn’t all that important. Corvallis is interesting in that no large chain stores are allowed in town. So you have to hit up the local mom and pop store to get anything. No Wal-mart, but no Target….how do they survive?? Also funny about the whole area is that it’s pretty much just like Iowa. Farms outside of town, train tracts in the middle. But, the mountains everywhere you look stops. Interesting views. Got dinner there at a Hawai’ian joint. CoMo could use one of those.

Saturday was pretty low-key, as the wedding (the purpose for coming out here) was that night. The wedding was outside in this pretty neat place….just exsists to have weddings, I think. Nice grass, lots of trees/shade…not to many bugs, the smell of horses. Intersting thing about the wedding was that how long it lasted. Sure, the cermony was short, but the reception was too…after the maditory dancing, there rest of the “open” dancing only lasted an hour. From what the bride told us, the whole thing was borderline nightmare. Tux’s either didn’t fit right or were dirty…flowers come up from Cali on Thursday…bride’s maid dresses were a bit off. but, it came out good, and folk next to this place had some fireworks going off, which made it pretty cool.

Today, it the cathedral downtown for mass…really pretty. And then off to see some of the nature before flying out tomorrow afternoon….which is really exciting, cause we get to go to Dallas, then StL…getting all the airports in.

Some interesting things about Oregon…one, you can’t pump your own gas here….if you do, the store and person that should have pumped it get fined….good idea or dumb as hell??? Also, the only fireworks that are legal here are those that don’t fly into the air. So, of course, the local news did a story about all the cool things you buy in Washington that you can blow up (Portland, if you didn’t know, is on the south side of the Columbia River…the north side is Washington state). And, there was a cop on it saying that you can buy it, and you’ll get fine $500 for it.