Update 1…so far, I’ve survived. Wednesday was spent mostly in the stratosphere. Cramped planes, as usual. Kati’s bag that she had in DC managed to stay in Charlotte instead of coming to StL, so started the trip as a bummer. But, once we got to San Fran, things did change. Was supposed to fly Alaska Air north from San Fran to Portland, but they wanted people to fly to Seattle first, then to Portland on a commuter plane. So, took that…got a voucher for a round trip ticket anywhere Alaska flies. So, Chicago to Anchorage, I’m thinking…that should make up for the trip. Also, on the way from Seattle to Portland, I got a great look at the mountains…Hood, Ranier, and St. Helens. Man, that one was impressive. When they talk about it blowing its top….wow. Also, the northern face is still a wasteland….about a mile of nothing. The clifface north of that is all chewed up. Of all the power that man believes that he’s got. Then you see the power of God/Mother Nature…..they’ll get you anytime. Onward….got into Portland at 8pm here….get a Malibu (wicked cool) and off to the hotel…for a bit, as we had to run and get replacements for Kati’s stuff. And that’s where we saw the really cool shit….Target with TWO FLOORS!!! And the best things…they had an escilator…FOR THE CARTS!!! Wicked awesome (n’stuff). Then food and sleep.

Thursday morning was calm…answered bunch of email, then did a bit of work on the grant, and sitting around. Managed to have internet in the room (when they said we wouldn’t) so good there. Went to a mall west of here, and went to pottery barn for the first time (yeah, well, it was exciting for me). Also had chow at “The Cheesecake Factory”…good food, good cheesecake. Met two of Kati’s friends from OSU, which was good. And managed to eat myself stupid…stupid cheesecake.

Today we’re off to Corvallis to see OSU, then I’m working a bit more on the grant. And Germany and Argentina are in penalty kicks…