I have freckles….that pretty much it for the title.

So, been working on a grant here…and for some reason (which I can’t figure), I’m actually looking forward to finding and reading various papers that are needed (or not) for this grant. Does this mean that i’m actually pressing forward with my graduate education??!?!? Perhaps, but the end is in sight. I’m looking to graduate either in May or in August, depending on what grants we do/don’t get.

So, last Friday, I went and saw that there musical “Godspell”…of all the glorious words in the English language that I could use to describe it, I think I would go with…….Kooky. I’ve never seen it before, and really didn’t know much about it going in…only that it was the “70’s styling” whatever that happened to be. Anyways, it was done by one of the community theater groups and it wasn’t to bad. Jesus and Judus were played by rather good characters, but some of the esemble was weak. Also, the mics that where used were pretty much junk. I could either here the people that had good pipes or not here them at all. One girl’s mic kept failing, so her song would go in and out like a bad drive-thru speaker. But, take away the hippie clothes and werid set, and you’ve got a great way to teach the parables to kids. So, good in my book…7/10

Also, much to many’s dismay, I’ve started playing world of warcraft….or warcrack, as Dana Sedai likes to call it. Well, crack be damn, cause I’m not addicted. I seem to manage not playing every day (ROOMIE PRIME can have difficulty with that) and I’m doing pretty good in the game itself. But, it’s still cheaper to play that then go to the bars.

Going the Pacific Northwest for the first time wednesday…I’ll give a report this weekend.